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Biotechnology of HIGETA





We manufacture and supply proteins utilizing our proprietary fermentation
technology that have been cultivated in soy sauce brewing for 400 years.

We will manufacuture :
recombinant & non-recombinant proteins on demand

We will support to :
establish manufacturing and purification methods
scale up the production

We will supply :
human epidermal growth factor (EGF)
Brevibacillus Expression System


Custom protein production :

We produce recombinant and non-recombinant proteins for clients on a commission basis utilizing technologies specialized in cultivation and production of microbes with facilities and quality control that are compliant with GMP.
We can operate production under regulation similar to that for medical products of human use, or at the ISO9001 level for clients who believe that GMP is not required for their protein.

Those who wish to establish production and purification methods and to expand the scale of production (30-1000 liters)
Those who require a continuous/stable supply of protein
Those who require production with good quality control
Those who wish to develop a purification process according to scaled-up production in the future
Those who use the Brevibacillus expression system and require cultivation at a large scale

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Flow of custom production service

1st step Order received,information exchange, submission of a rough estimate
2nd step Making a confidentiality agreement, detailed discussion
3rd step Submission of an estimate
4th step Making basic agreements on custom manufacturing and quality assurance
5th step Production starts

Delivery of products & reports



Human EGF :

We manufacture and supply recombinant human epidermal growth factor(hEGF)which is used as a component of tissue cell culture media.
PDF more info about EGF (PDF download)

The recombinant human EGF, which is manufactured using facilities and quality management systems that comply with GMP for animal drugs,has been used in Australia as an agent to harvest wool from sheep. Namely, injection of EGF causes temporary halt of hair growth followed by weakening of the juncture between skin and hair. Thus the wool is pulled off from sheep easily (as shown in the picture). This technology attracts attention as the next generation wool harvesting method.

Enzymes :

We manufacture and supply commercially valuable enzymes utilizing technologies to cultivate microorganisms and purify proteins.

Brevibacillus Expression System :

As our proprietary product, we developed and manufacture recombinant protein production system, ”Brevibacillus Expression System”, using Brevibacillus choshinensis as a host.

Advantages of the System

The host Brevibacillus choshinensis secretes recombinant proteins into the culture medium very efficiently.
It is also very effective for intracellular expression,and we have a confirmed production of 2g/L in soluble form.
A spore-related gene has been disrupted,so there is no need to worry about residual spores in the production process,hence the sterilization validation can be conducted smoothly.
Two protease genes, one intracellular and another extracellular, have been disrupted. Therefore,degradation of the product is limited to a minimum, the yield improves, and purification is easy because there is nothing structurally similar to the target protein.
Since it is a gram-positive bacterium,endotoxin is not produced.

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